Creative Home Schooling for Gifted Children by Lisa Rivero

“We home school, in the words of Annemarie Roeper, to educate for life rather than simply to educate for success.”

In the aftermath of the 911 bombings, when Lisa Rivero was finishing writing this book, realization came to her of exactly how profound of a statement this actually was. She says, “I began to understand on a new level. We don’t learn about architecture or read great books or study world countries in order “to home school.” We home school so that we’re free to learn about life in its unpredictable complexity. We home school to ask questions and to seek answers for ourselves, to put ourselves in another’s place, to begin to forge new connections and relationships for a new global community, to do our small part as citizens of the world.”

Says author, David H. Albert, author of “And the Skylark Sings with Me: Adventures in Homeschooling and Community-Based Education, “Giftedness, whether of the intellectual or other varieties, exists on a continuum like most other characteristics.”

Parents of gifted children face unique challenges that are seldom discussed or taken seriously by other parents or school personnel,” says Lisa. “While parents should not become preoccupied with a child’s potential nor should they organize the entire family around the gifted child, it is extremely beneficial for parents to be aware of:

(1) why their children seem different, and

(2) that the difference is real and necessitates unique parenting and educational approaches.

I cannot adequately describe the relief I felt when I finally met other parents who, like me, were accused of being pushy when their young children taught themselves to read before school age, or who felt helpless as they watched their child’s extreme and painful sensitivity, or who struggled to keep up with the reasoning powers of a six-year-old asking a question a minute.”

This book, and its 400 pages, is a wealth of information! Chapters cover subjects such as: Traits of Giftedness, Social and Emotional Needs, Intellectual Needs, Learning Styles – Learning With a Difference, Creating Your Home School Approach, Your Creative Home School Toolbox, and chapters on Paperwork, Documentation, & Testing, Special Topics, plus so much, much more.

In her book are also sections on Resources for Gifted Children, References, publishers who offer curriculum for gifted students, websites to help parents of gifted children, software companies, and more. If you think your child is gifted, or you are looking for support in educating your gifted child, then I would seriously recommend that you check into owning this book. I believe that you can glean a lot from it!

A School To Come Home To By Lisa Dunlop

If you’re a homeschooled teen, or a parent of a home schooled teen, then this book may be of interest to you. Or maybe… you’re a teen who has been in a public or private school, and now your parent is considering homeschooling you? And just think, what if it was your junior year of high school no less?? And what if it meant leaving your longtime school friends?? In this book, Lisa Dunlop writes a story about a girl, named Elizabeth, in just this situation. Lisa herself was homeschooled for 9 years, and is currently taking college correspondence courses. She lives with her mother, father, brother and two cats in Tampa, FL.

As explained in the book, “Throughout Lisa’s years of homeschooling she has watched the many changes which new homeschooled teens go through, often from surly, mistrustful teens to happy, talkative young adults. Her desire to help homeschoolers led her to writing this book in the hope it will encourage both parents and teens.”

This is an easy book to read of only 107 pages, which is interesting, and truly does encourage any teen that may be looking at possibly homeschooling in their future. In her book, Lisa also has given her address for anyone who would like to contact her to ask her questions, or to have her speak at their curriculum fair, seminars, or homeschool meetings.

Homeschooling your teens can be one of the best things you can ever do for them!!!! One day they’ll thank you!